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Acharya, Arabinda, Aaron Karp, Sonal Marwah and Anjali Krishnan. 2011 ‘The Context of Violent Crime.’ India's States of Armed Violence: Assessing the Human Cost and Political Priorities; Issue Brief No. 1, p. 8. New Delhi: India Armed Violence Assessment / IAVA and the Small Arms Survey, Geneva. 20 September

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The Context of Violent Crime

Criminal gangs are heavily involved in the trade in illegal firearms (Lal, 2007). Most crimes are committed with illegal weapons (NCRB, 2011a, p. 340).

During a ten-year period police seized 4,500 illicit arms. NCRB statistics suggest that licensed firearms were used in only 371 murder cases in 2009, while 2,722 cases involved unlicensed firearms (NCRB, 2011a, p. 340).

Although some murders are committed with licensed, legally owned guns, most crime guns are illegally made craft weapons (kattas), mostly made in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

A small proportion of illegal guns are manufactured abroad and smuggled into the country.

[NCRB = National Crime Records Bureau]

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