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Alpers, Philip and Conor Twyford. 2003 ‘Disarmament Pacific Style: Experiences in Bougainville and the Solomon Islands.’ Small Arms in the Pacific; Occasional Paper No. 8 (Table 5.5), p. 90. Geneva: Small Arms Survey, the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva. 31 March

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When members of the RSIP [Royal Solomon Islands Police] joined with militants from the MEF, in June 2000, to overthrow the government, over 1,000 guns were stolen from the police armoury at Rove in Honiara (Slade, 2001, p. 4).

Malaitan fighters graduated from old World War II .303 bolt-action rifles and home-made shotguns to SLRs, SR-88A assault rifles, and Ultimax 100 machine guns. Earlier that year, 15 militants had raided the police armoury at Auki, the capital of Malaita, making off with 34 rifles and ammunition (Radio Australia, 2000).

Members of the IFM from Guadalcanal, with fewer connections inside the police, were less well equipped. This did not prevent a bitter and bloody conflict.

Table 5.5. Estimation of missing high-powered police firearms at 22 June 2001

Table 5.6. Revised summary of missing high-powered police firearms, 11 June 2002


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