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Parker, Sarah. 2011 ‘Balancing Act: Regulation of Civilian Firearm Possession.’ Small Arms Survey 2011: States of Security; Annex 9.2, pp. 48-61. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 6 July

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Annex 9.2 Overview of Conditions of Firearms Ownership


Licence Duration: 1 year (licence), 3 years (sporting licence), 60 days (permit to acquire)

Penalties for Unlawful Possession: 5–8 years for firearms; 6–10 years for weapons of war

Safe Storage: YES (relevant information is not expressly indicated in the legislation, but is implied in the legislation or is implied in or derived from a secondary, non-binding source, such as guidelines; there are no specific requirements, although the legislation alludes generally to the responsibility of the owner to store the firearm adequately)

Penalties for Unsafe Storage: not specified

Carrying in Public? YES (it is an offence under the penal code to carry 'insidious' weapons, easily hidden (knives, pistols, and short canon revolvers), and to carry them hidden. However, there is no difference between carrying and possession in the Venezuelan firearms control legislation. An authorization to possess a firearm implies the authorization to carry it. As a matter of fact, small arms possession licences are known as portes (carrying). In summary, the law authorizes carrying for personal protection, but restricts the ways in which and the places where these weapons may be carried)

Penalties for Unlawful Carrying: cited legislation makes no relevant or specific reference

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