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Pézard, Stéphanie and Savannah de Tessières. 2009 ‘Arms in Circulation in Burundi - Collection and Seizure Figures.’ Insecurity is Also a War: An Assessment of Armed Violence in Burundi, pp. 99-100. Geneva: Geneva Declaration on Armed Violence and Development Secretariat / Small Arms Survey, the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies,. 1 January

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Arms in Circulation in Burundi - Collection and Seizure Figures

[S]poradic seizures of arms have been conducted by the police, with mixed results. In 2008, the PNB seized 388 small arms and light weapons and 39,228 rounds of ammunition during the course of their forced disarmament operations among the civilian population. These very modest results suggest that people were expecting these searches and had the time to hide their weapons, or that the police strategy for conducting them was ineffective…

The arms seized during these operations are stored at the five regional police headquarters throughout the country. Set up with the help of the Mines Advisory Group (MAG), a mobile team responsible for creating an inventory of the arms seized or surrendered to the police, and for destroying them, has been operational since August 2008. The team collected 2,090 weapons, nearly 90 per cent of which are assault rifles, mostly still in working order, and began to destroy them in December 2008…

With the help of BINUB, the army destroyed 1,697 guns and 29 mortars during the month of January 2008 alone.

The weapons seized by the police provide an idea of the type of firearms circulating in Burundi. Between January 2005 and December 2007, the internal security police (which is part of the PNB) seized 1,138 weapons, mainly grenades and Kalashnikovs. Slightly more than 5,945 rounds of ammunition were also seized during this period.

[BINUB = United Nations Integrated Office in Burundi; PNB = Burundian National Police Force]

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