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Hartigan, Brian. 2003 ‘RAMSI on the Ground.’ Platypus Magazine; Vol. 80, p. 30. Australian Federal Police. 1 October

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Concentrating on the removal of all guns from Solomon society was the first priority of the intervention force.

Deputy Commissioner McDevitt said the message on this point was clear - the people of the Solomon Islands did not need firearms.

"Now is the time to totally rid this community of firearms," he said.

"There's no doubt at all that the overwhelming majority of the people of the Solomon Islands want this to occur.

"There may be variation in the motivation of certain individuals, but I'd say that there will be real pressure from the people, collectively, on those individuals holding firearms to hand them in.

"The time for negotiations and deals has come and gone. Every single gun in this country must be surrendered. To anyone thinking of retaining or hiding firearms I would say, we have the resources, we have the capability and we certainly have the commitment to track those weapons down and we will do so very effectively."

ID: Q495

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