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Congo (DRC). 2010 ‘Article 6.’ Proposed Act on Prevention, Control and Reduction of Small Arms and Light Weapons in the Democratic Republic of Congo of October 2010, p. 8. Kinshasa: Office of the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo. 1 October

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Art. 6.

Nul ne peut fabriquer, détenir, réparer, abandonner, exposer en vente, céder, distribuer, transporter, importer ou tenir en dépôt des cannes à épée, des cannes fusils, des casse-têtes, des fusils pliants d'un calibre supérieur à six millimètres, des coups de poing américains, des fusils dont le canon ou la crosse se démonte en plusieurs tronçons, des armes à feu silencieuses, des armes à effet toxique et toutes armes offensives et secrètes.


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Art. 6.

No person shall manufacture, possess, repair, abandon, expose for sale, sell, distribute, transport, import or store swordsticks, cane guns, skull crushers, folding rifles of a caliber larger than 6 mm, brass knuckles, rifles with removable barrel or butt, firearms with suppressors, toxic effect firearms and any offensive and secret firearm.

[Note: This is the Proposed Act to amend the Ordinance 'Law No 085/035 of September 3, 1985, on the Regime of Arms and Ammunition', in line with the Nairobi Protocol for the Prevention, Control and Reduction of Small Arms and Light Weapons. The first 30 articles of the 2010 Proposed Act are relatively unchanged from the 1985 Law.]

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