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Zambia. 1994 ‘Arrangements of Sections, Preliminary, Short Title and Interpretation.’ Firearms (Amendment) Act, Chapter 110, Firearms 13 of 1994; Section 1. Lusaka: Republic of Zambia. 1 January

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Chapter 110
Firearms 45 of 1969; 11 of 1970; 4 of 1974; 29 of 1985; 16 of 1986; 13 of 1994

An Act to make new provision for regulating licenses and certificates and for the control of the import, export, movement, storage, possession, sale, manufacture and repair of firearms and ammunition; and to make provision for matters connected with or incidental to the foregoing.

Arrangements of Sections, Preliminary, Short Title and Interpretation….

1. This Act may be cited as the Firearms Act.

[Editor's Note: After reviewing available legislation and other source documents, found no evidence of a provision in law to regulate this aspect of firearm policy. As some authorities enforce restrictions only in practice, the mere absence of a published legal provision should be treated with caution.]

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