Citation(s) from the literature library 2016 ‘Calculated Rates - Jordan.’ Historical Population Data - USCB International Data Base. Suitland, MD: US Census Bureau Population Division. 6 June

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Historical Population Data - Jordan

Year: Total Midyear Population
2014: 6,528,061
2010: 6,500,685
2005: 5,245,404

++++ rate calculation:

Number of Privately Owned Firearms
2014: 1,120,0001

Calculated Rate* of Civilian Firearm Possession per 100 Population
2014: 17.16

Number of Registered Firearms
2005: 126,0002

Calculated Rate* of Registered Firearms per 100 population
2005: 2.40

Gun Death and Injury

Number of Gun Homicides
2005: 263

Calculated Rate* of Gun Homicide per 100,000 People
2005: 0.50

Number of Unintentional Gun Deaths
2010: 34

Calculated Rate* of Unintentional Gun Death per 100,000 People
2010: 0.05

[*Crude Rate per nn Population = Number ÷ Population x nn]

ID: Q4249

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