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Niue. 1975 ‘Interpretation.’ Arms Act (1975); Section 2 (Reviewed 2006). Alofi: Legislative Assembly. 4 February

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"firearm" includes any weapon from which a missile can be discharged by the force of an explosion or by the force of any compressed gas or compressed air, and includes a weapon which for the time being is not capable of discharging a missile but which by the replacement of any component part or parts, or the correction of any defect, would be so capable, and also includes any weapon which is for the time being dismantled, but subject to section 13 (4) does not include any firearm of the type commonly known as humane killers, or bolt or stun guns;…

"pistol" means any firearm which is designed or adapted to be held and fired with one hand; and includes any firearm that is less than 30 inches in length;

"shot-gun" means a firearm having a smooth-bore barrel and primarily designed for sporting purposes and to discharge pellets of shot only;

"unlawful weapon" means any pistol, machine gun, rifle, air-gun, and any other class of firearm except a shot-gun.

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