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Serbia. 1992 ‘Article 27.’ Republic of Serbia Law on Weapons and Ammunition, No.9/92 [Law as 2003]; Part III (Article 27). Belgrade: Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia. 1 January

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Article 27

Trade with weapons, weapon components and ammunition shall be carried out by the companies and shops which, prior to being registered in the court or shops' register respectively, are issued an authorization by the relevant authority.

The authorization from the paragraph 1 of this Article shall be issued by the relevant element in the following cases:
1) if space and technical prerequisites are met for storing and safeguarding weapons, weapon components and ammunition so that unauthorized persons cannot reach them and so that safety of the persons and objects cannot be jeopardized;

2) if responsible person in the company or the company or shop owner and the person handling the weapons, weapon components and ammunition meet the prerequisites from the Article 8 paragraph 1 and 2 of this Law.

Companies and shops from the paragraphs 1 and 2 of this Article shall sell weapons, weapon components and ammunition only to the citizens, organs, companies, institutions and other legal persons who possess approval or weapon permit.

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