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Serbia. 1992 ‘Article 5.’ Republic of Serbia Law on Weapons and Ammunition, No.9/92 [Law as 2003]; Part I (Article 5). Belgrade: Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia. 1 January

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Article 5

Trade, acquisition, possession, carrying, repairing and alternating of firearms with the devices for silencing the sound, silencers, telescope sights with light rays or with electronic light intensifier or infra red device, fragmentation and gas weapons, cold steel and items not made and adapted as firearms are banned.

It is also prohibited to the physical persons, apart from the weapons from the paragraph 1 of this Article, to acquire, posses and carry semi automatic and combined firearms save for the hunting ones, as well as to acquire and carry long automatic firearms, short automatic and combined firearms and special weapons if not otherwise stipulated by this Law.

It is prohibited to carry weapons for personal safety without having permit to carry it.

It is forbidden to carry hunting, sporting and special weapons outside hunting grounds, shooting ranges belonging to shooters' organizations and other such objects.

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