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Montenegro. 1992 ‘Article 10.’ Republic of Montenegro Law on Firearms, No. 31/92; Part 1 (Article 10). Podgorica: Official Gazette of Montenegro. 1 January

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Article 10

For the purpose of this Law and as to their use and particular types the weapons shall be classified as follows:

1) hunting weapons - rifled and smooth bored hunting riffles of diverse calibre;
2) sporting weapons - rifles, pistols and revolvers of large calibre, accommodated for sporting purposes, small calibre rifles and small calibre pistols 5.6 mm with rim ignition, rifled or smooth bored, air rifles, air pistols and revolvers and string weapons;
3) trophy weapons - firearms and cold steel, preserved from the times of uprisings and liberation wars or which represents holder's personal or family trophy;
4) ancient weapons - rifles, revolvers, sabres, swords and other weapons not in use but of historical or artistic value or represent part of national costume;
5) combined arms - arms with two or more rifled or smooth barrels of same or different calibre.

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