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Moldova. 1994 ‘Confiscation of Weapons from Legal Persons and Selling of Such Weapons.’ Republic of Moldova - Weapons Law [Act as of 2003]; Section VI (Article 43). Chisinau: Republic of Moldova Parliament. 18 May

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Confiscation of Weapons from Legal Persons and Selling of Such Weapons

Confiscation of weapons and ammunition therefore from legal persons, as well as the selling of the same on commission, shall be carried out by police authorities after the revocation of the permit granting them the right to hold and carry the weapons in the cases prescribed by this law.

The permit granting the right to hold and carry a weapon shall be revoked by the issuing authority, or the Ministry of the Interior in case of the breach of the following rules:

When the right of ownership, possessing and using of weapon have been terminated as provided for in Article 11, para. 1, items a), b) and c), the legal person shall be given two weeks to obtain the permit to hold and carry weapons, to sell the weapon in accordance with Articles 25 and 42, or return the weapon to its owner.

When such period of time has elapsed, the weapon is seized without compensation and sold in the specialised store, while the weapon owned by the state is handed over to the Ministry of the Interior.

If the legal person does not use the weapon as applied, the weapon shall be seized forthwith and without compensation.

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