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Romania. 1996 ‘Article 54.’ Law on Firearms and Ammunition Regime, No.17 of 1996; Chapter 4. Bucharest: Parliament of Romania. 2 April

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Article 54

The legal persons who conduct operations with arms and ammunition, except military, shall be obligated to obtain a permit from the competent authority of the Ministry of the Interior.

The permit shall be issued to legal persons which have adequate premises for conducting the operations with arms and ammunition, which are equipped with technical protection devices and alarm systems. The premises intended for the storage of ammunition, caps and powder for ammunition should comply with the occupational safety norms.

The licence shall list the operations with arms and ammunition to be conducted by the legal person. The legal persons licensed to repair arms may also manufacture small-shot cartridges for hunting weapons.

[According to Article 58 of this Act, 'operations with firearms and ammunition' means: Production, manufacturing, modification, experimenting, sale, purchase, trade, renting, importation, exportation, transport, storage and repair of shooting weapons, hunting weapons, arms for the dispersion of harmful, irritant or neutralising gases or antique arms and appropriate ammunition or trophy arms.]

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