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Romania. 1996 ‘Article 3.’ Law on Firearms and Ammunition Regime, No.17 of 1996; Chapter 1 (Article 3). Bucharest: Parliament of Romania. 2 April

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Article 3

The firearms shall for the purpose of this Law be understood to be arms whose function is defined as propelling of one or more projectiles, fire or light substances, or dispersion of harmful, irritant, or neutralising gases. The principle of their functioning is based on the expansive force of gases originating from the detonation of one cap or explosion of one charge.
For the purposes of paragraph 1, the firearms shall include:

a) military arms manufactured to equip the army to neutralise or destroy combatants and technique of the enemy, and all other instruments, parts, or devices intended for immobilising, wounding, killing and destroying, if having the elements of military arms;

b) shooting weapons, with a cartridge or string, specially produced or manufactured for practicing range shooting, homologated or recognized as such by the Romanian Shooting Federation;

c) hunting weapons with a cartridge, string, or combined, intended for hunting;

d) the arms specially manufactured for dispersing harmful, irritant, or neutralising gases;

e) concealed arms, produced or manufactured so that their presence is neither visible nor suspected;

f) trophy weapons, made to be inoffensive, if of historical or scientific value; or the arms representing a gift, compensation, or souvenir, intended to be kept in cultural and art centres, sport associations; or the arms representing a personal trophy. This category also includes the firearms that are fit for use but represent a rarity or a historical, documentary, scientific or artistic value, recognized as such by the specialist institutions;

g) antique arms, rendered inoffensive, intended to be used in artistic activities or in cinematographic production - in theatre, circus, film studio or other similar cultural and art centres. Old arms also include assemblies and sub-assemblies and devices that may function as firearms.

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