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Bahamas. 1969 ‘Application.’ Firearms Act, Chapter 213, 1969; Part III (Section 8). Nassau: Government of the Bahamas. 17 July

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8. (1) This Part of this Act applies to all firearms as defined in section 2 of this Act except the following weapons and component parts thereof and accessories thereto, namely -
(a) a revolver;
(b) a prohibited weapon;
(c) a smooth bore gun having a barrel not less than twenty inches in length;
(d) an air gun, air rifle or pistol not being of a type declared by the rules made under the provisions of section 47 of this Act to be specially dangerous:
Provided that subsections (7) and (8) of section 12 and section 13 of this Act shall apply to a revolver and to ammunition therefor as they apply to any other firearm or ammunition.

(2) This Part of this Act applies to all ammunition as defined in section 2 of this Act, except for the following articles, namely -
(a) cartridges containing five or more shots, none of which exceeds nine twenty-fifths of an inch in diameter;
(b) ammunition for an air gun or air rifle or air pistol; and
(c) blank cartridges not exceeding one inch in diameter.

(3) For the purposes of this section the diameter of a cartridge shall be measured immediately in front of the rim or cannelure of the base of the cartridge.

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