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Macedonia. 2005 ‘Article 14.’ Draft Law on Weapons; Section II (Article 14). Skopje: Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia. 8 February

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Article 14

Checking of technical knowledge for proper use, keeping and maintaining of weapon and knowledge of regulations for weapons (article 9 paragraph 1 item 6) is done with passing expertise exam in front of a special commission established by the Minister of Internal affairs.

Experts' exam is consisted of theoretical and practical part.

With the theoretical part of the exam is verified the knowledge of:
- regulations from the field of possessing, carrying and keeping weapon and ammunition and regulations related to the right to use the weapon;
- weapon and ammunition; and
- providing first aid.

Practical part of the exam contains:
- checking of the knowledge for safety dealing with weapon and ammunition; and
- shooting in aim (alternative: target) and evaluation of the results.

Practical gaining of ability to handle weapons for persons, submitter of requests for purchasing weapons is performed by legal subject from whom the weapon is purchased for which a special permission is issued.

Practical gaining of ability to handle with hunting weapon i.e. sport weapon for persons requesting permission to purchase weapon, is performed by hunting association i.e. sport shooting association who's members they are.

Expenses for practical ability and execution of the exam are carried by the submitter for the permission to purchase weapon.

Dispositions of paragraph 5 of this article do not concern members of armed forces, policy, service for security and penalty-correction institutions and other employees of state bodies that are authorized with special regulations to carry weapon.

The Minister of Internal affairs will describe the Program for ability to properly use, keep and maintain weapon, the method of execution of practical gaining ability to handle weapon, as well as the way of execution of expert exam for estimating technical knowledge for proper use of weapon and knowledge of regulations for weapons.

[According to the Republic of Macedonia's 2009 Report on the Implementation of the UN Programme of Action on Small Arms and Light Weapons, these draft provisions were adopted by the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia on 8 February 2005. The Law was amended three times in 2006, 2007, and 2008, and published in the Official Gazette RM 47/2006, 42/2007, and 86/2008]

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