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Tasmania. 2006 ‘Safety Requirements for Conveying Prohibited Firearms.’ Firearms Regulations 2006 (Regulations as of 4 November 2015); Section 12. Hobart: Governor of the State of Tasmania. 16 October

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12. Safety requirements for conveying prohibited firearms

The following are safety requirements for conveying a prohibited firearm:
(a) the firearm is to be in the unloaded condition, with any detachable magazine detached from the firearm;
(b) the bolt or breech block is to be removed from the firearm, if reasonably possible;
(c) [repealed]
(d) [repealed]
(e) a trigger lock is to be fitted to the firearm, if possible;
(f) if the firearm is not a pistol, it is to be conveyed in a locked receptacle that is of solid construction or made of timber that is at least 10 millimetres thick;
(g) the receptacle is to be fitted with a metal lock;
(h) the locked receptacle is not to contain any ammunition;
(i) magazines are not to contain any ammunition;
(j) if the firearm is a pistol, it is to be contained in a locked receptacle preferably located in the most secure area of a vehicle (such as the locked boot of a sedan).

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