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Tasmania. 1996 ‘Record of Dealings.’ Firearms Act 1996 (Act as at 4 November 2015); Part 6 (Section 89). Hobart: Legislative Council and House of Assembly. 30 August

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89. Record of dealings

(1) A licensed firearms dealer must keep a record in an approved form of all dealings with firearms, firearm parts and ammunition.

Fine not exceeding 50 penalty units.

(2) A dealings record is to contain the following particulars:
(a) the name and address of any other person involved in the dealing;
(b) the number of the other person's licence or permit authorising the person to possess the firearm or firearm part;
(c) the number of the other person's permit to acquire the firearm;
(d) for any firearm or firearm part in the possession of the firearms dealer -
(i) the date of its purchase or receipt by the dealer; and
(ii) the date of its sale or transfer out of the possession of the dealer; and
(iii) the make, serial number, calibre, type, action and any magazine capacity;
(e) the type, description and quantity of any ammunition;
(f) any other prescribed particulars.

(3) An entry in a dealings record is to be -
(a) numbered sequentially; and
(b) made within 24 hours after the dealing occurs; and
(c) kept for a period of 6 years.

(4) A copy of an entry in a dealings record is to be sent to the Commissioner as and when required by the Commissioner.

(5) A dealings record may be in a printed, electronic or any other approved form.

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