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Batchelor, Peter. 2001 ‘Regional Survey of Small Arms Producers.’ Small Arms Survey 2001: Profiling the Problem, pp. 24-47. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 1 July

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Small Arms, Big Business: Products and Producers

Regional Survey of Small Arms Producers [A world-wide survey of licit, illicit and craft (home-made) firearm production, region by region]

The Americas: United States, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile
Western Europe: Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom

CIS and the Baltic States: Russian Federation, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland
The Balkans: Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Yugoslavia

Middle East: Egypt, Israel, Turkey

Sub-Saharan Africa: Nigeria, South Africa, Zimbabwe

Asia-Pacific: India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, China, Australia

Appendix 1.1, at pp. 52-53, lists 95 countries known to manufacture small arms and/or ammunition, along with sources of information.

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