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Tasmania. 1996 ‘Genuine Reasons.’ Firearms Act 1996 (Act as at 4 November 2015); Part 2 (Section 37). Hobart: Legislative Council and House of Assembly. 30 August

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37. Genuine reasons

(1) A genuine reason to possess or use a firearm is any of the following:
(a) sport or target shooting;
(b) recreational hunting or vermin control;
(c) primary production;
(d) animal population control;
(e) animal welfare;
(f) business or employment as a firearms dealer, security agent or security guard;
(fa) fishing for commercial purposes within the meaning of the Living Marine Resources Management Act 1995;
(fb) conducting a paintball business within the meaning of Part 6A;
(g) firearms collection;
(h) show or exhibition.

(2) A person does not have a genuine reason for possessing or using a firearm if the person intends to possess or use the firearm for -
(a) the person's personal protection or the protection of his or her family; or
(b) the general protection of property, other than the protection of property in the course of carrying out the functions of a security agent or security guard.

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