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Western Australia. 1973 ‘Ammunition Sales.’ Firearms Act 1973 (Version 05-00-00, reprinted under the Reprints Act 1984 as at 13 February 2015); Section 30. Perth: State Law Publisher. 18 October

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30. Ammunition sales

(1) The holder of a Dealer's Licence may dispose of ammunition to any person who represents himself as being the holder of a licence or permit under this Act entitling him to possess a firearm and ammunition or as lawfully possessing a firearm under the provisions of section 8, and who the dealer believes on reasonable grounds to be entitled to possess a firearm suitable for use with that ammunition, or as being the holder of an Ammunition Collector's Licence.

(2) The holder of a Dealer's Licence may dispose of ammunition to any person apparently over the age of 18 years who represents himself as being, and whom the dealer believes to be, the agent of a person to whom the dealer would be authorised to dispose of ammunition under subsection (1).

(3) At the time of any transaction authorised under subsection (1) or subsection (2) the dealer shall make an entry in the prescribed manner in the record kept for the purposes of this section and shall cause verification of that transaction to be entered in, or affixed to, the record in the prescribed manner or obtain the signature thereto of the person to whom the ammunition is supplied.

(4) A person who makes a false representation for the purposes of obtaining ammunition for himself or another person, and any dealer who fails or neglects to comply with the requirements of this section commits an offence.

Penalty: $4 000.

ID: Q2827

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