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Western Australia. 1973 ‘Records.’ Firearms Act 1973 (Version 05-00-00, reprinted under the Reprints Act 1984 as at 13 February 2015); Section 31. Perth: State Law Publisher. 18 October

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31. Records

(1) The Commissioner shall cause to be compiled and maintained in the prescribed manner a register or registers of all applications made for a licence, permit or approval under this Act specifying whether or not the application was refused, the reasons for any refusal, and such other particulars as are prescribed.

(2) The holder of a Corporate Licence, a Dealer's Licence, a Repairer's Licence, a Manufacturer's Licence or an Ammunition Collector's Licence shall compile, maintain and furnish records in such manner as is prescribed, all entries therein shall be made at the time of the transaction to which they relate or, in the case of a transaction involving the acquisition of ammunition by a person who is entitled to acquire it as the holder of an Ammunition Collector's Licence, as soon as may be practicable thereafter, and any such record shall be produced for inspection by any member of the Police Force on his request….

(3) A member of the Police Force shall be permitted to check the stock of firearms and ammunition on any premises in respect of which records are required to be kept under subsection (2), or ammunition held by a person who is the holder of an Ammunition Collector's Licence, and shall be provided with reasonable facilities for examining such firearms or ammunition.

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