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Queensland. 1996 ‘Storage Measures for Armourers, Dealers, and Theatrical Ordnance Suppliers - Burglar Alarms.’ Weapons Regulation 1996 (As in force on 1 July 2015); Section 36 (Part 5). Brisbane: Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel. 19 December

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36. Burglar alarms

(1) The premises must have a burglar alarm system able to detect any entry into the premises by any means and the breakage of any glass door or window and instantly activate —
(a) a loud siren outside the premises; and
(b) a remote alarm at the place where the alarm is required to be monitored or connected.

(2) The siren must have a flashing blue strobe light and its own self-contained power source.

(3) The remote alarm must always be monitored by a security service.

(4) However, if that monitoring is not available, the remote alarm must always be connected to the ordinary place of residence of the armourer, dealer or theatrical ordnance supplier.

(5) Each of the system's sensors must have an anti-tamper circuit that is always operating (even if the alarm is not set).

(6) The system's controls must be out of view from, and protected against access by, unauthorised persons.

[The Act referred to in this Regulation is the Weapons Act 1990]

ID: Q2730

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