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Queensland. 1990 ‘Limitations on Issue of Permits to Acquire.’ Weapons Act 1990 (As in force on 20 November 2015); Section 39 (Part 3). Brisbane: Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel. 19 September

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39. Limitations on issue of permits to acquire

(1) A permit to acquire a weapon may be issued only to —
(a) an individual under subsection (2); or
(b) a body under subsection (3).

(2) A permit to acquire a weapon may be issued to an individual only if —
(a) the person is authorised to possess the weapon or category of weapon under a licence; and
(b) the person is an adult; and
(c) for a category B, C, D, H or M weapon - the person has a need to possess the weapon; and
(d) if the weapon is an heirloom firearm - the person is the owner of the firearm because of a testamentary disposition or the laws of succession; and
(e) if the person intends to possess the weapon under the authority of a collector's licence (weapons) and the weapon is a temporarily inoperable modern handgun —
(i) the person satisfies an authorised officer that the person has a prolonged and genuine interest in the study, preservation or collection of firearms; and
(ii) the person is a member of an approved historical society…..

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