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Australian Capital Territory. 2008 ‘Adult Licence Conditions, Category H Licences for Business.’ Firearms Regulation 2008 (SL2008-55, Republication No 13, effective 1 December 2015); Section 21 (Part 4). Canberra: ACT Parliamentary Counsel. 22 December

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21. Adult licence conditions, category H licences for business - Act, s 73 (1) (g)

(1) The following conditions are prescribed in relation to a category H licence if the genuine reason is business:
(a) the licensee must have passed an examination in the safe handling and use of a category H firearm conducted by an authorised instructor at least once every 12 months while the licence is in force;
(b) the licensee must, within 7 days after the end of the relevant period, give the registrar a written report containing particulars of the occasions when the firearm was carried in connection with the business within the relevant period;
(c) the licensee must not possess more than 1 category H firearm.

(2) In subsection (1) (b), the relevant period is the 6 months beginning on the day when the licence is issued and each 6 months following.

[The Act referred to in this Regulation is the Firearms Act 1996]

ID: Q2627

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