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Uganda. 2003 ‘Activities of Civil Society Organisations.’ National Report of Uganda on its Implementation of the United Nations Programme of Action to Prevent, Combat and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects (UNPoA); Section 4.6. New York, NY: Permanent Mission of Uganda to the United Nations. 1 June

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4.6 Activities of civil society organisations

Civil society organizations have membership on the NFP/SALW with four
representatives. They participate in developing national policy and fostering
action on small arms. A number of CSOs are active, supporting and encouraging
government to implement its arms control commitments, promoting peacebuilding
and conflict resolution, as well as conducting research in arms related

Their activities include capacity building, identifying and training practitioners in arms control and peace building issues, establishing local structures to advance SALW-related action and building networks for coordination at all levels.

Networks such as the Uganda Action Network on Small Arms (UANSA), a local
chapter of IANSA, is a coalition of CSOs committed to promoting action on
SALW. The Joint Christian Council (UJCC) a coalition of faith-based
organizations, is engaged in peace building through public awareness and
mobilization of pastoral communities (Karamoja) to support the arms collection
and disarmament exercise. Faith-based organizations have also been involved in
promoting peaceful resolution of the conflict in Northern Uganda by facilitating
dialogue between government and armed rebels.

The CSOs have forged regional networks with their counterparts in Kenya,
Sudan, Tanzania and other states in the Great Lakes Regional and the Horn of
Africa, such as the Eastern Africa Action Network on Small Arms (EAANSA)
which has been created as a regional chapter of IANSA. These regional
groupings have drawn up joint regional strategies and country programmes to
advance arms control.

[NFP = National Focal Point. SALW = small arms and light weapons. IANSA = International Action Network on Small Arms]

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