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Zambia. 1994 ‘Registration of Firearms Dealers.’ Firearms (Amendment) Act, Chapter 110, Firearms 13 of 1994; Section 26. Lusaka: Republic of Zambia. 1 January

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Registration of firearms dealers

26. (1) The Registrar shall for the purposes of this Act keep a register of firearms dealers (in this Part referred to as "the register") and, subject as hereinafter provided, shall enter therein the name and such other particulars as may be prescribed of every person who is entitled under the provisions of this Part to be issued with a firearms dealer's licence.

(2) An application for registration as a firearms dealer shall be made in the prescribed form to the Registrar who may register the applicant or refuse to register him without assigning any reason for such refusal:

Provided that an applicant shall not be registered-
(i) if a disqualification order against him under section thirty-three is in force; or
(ii) unless the Registrar is satisfied that the applicant is conversant with the provisions of this Act; or
(iii) if the Registrar is satisfied that for the applicant to carry on the business of a firearms dealer would endanger the public safety or the peace….

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