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Nigeria. 1990 ‘Licensing etc.’ Firearms Regulations, Under Section 33 , Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1990; Part 2. Abuja: Federal Republic of Nigeria. 1 January

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Licensing etc

4. The Inspector-General of Police shall maintain in the prescribed form a register of firearms and licences to bear the same issued in each licensing area.

6. (1) Within fourteen days of the withdrawal of any firearm from a registered dealer's or public armoury, the person withdrawing the same shall produce the firearm and the licence therefor to a licensing authority.

(2) Upon the production of a firearm and licence as aforesaid, such authority shall-
(a) if the licence has been issued under his authority insert the full particulars of the firearm in the register of firearms and in the Schedule to the licence;
(b) if the licence has not been issued under his authority, insert the full particulars of the firearm in the schedule to the licence and notify the authority which issued the licence of the particulars of the firearm, for insertion in the register of firearms, and of the action taken.

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