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Netherlands. 1997 ‘Possessing and Carrying Weapons and Ammunition of the Categories II, III and IV - Art. 28.’ Weapons and Ammunition Act (Wet Wapens en Munitie) 1997; Article 28. The Hague: Ministry of Justice. 10 July

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Possessing and Carrying Weapons and Ammunition of the Categories II, III and IV - Art. 28

1. Permission to possess a weapon and ammunition will be granted, exclusively for weapons and ammunition belonging to category III, by the commissioner of police in the applicant's place of stay or residence.

2. Permission will be granted if:
a. a reasonable interest requires granting permission;
b. the applicant does not pose a danger to himself, public order or safety;
c. the applicant is at least eighteen years of age, with the exception of members of a shooting club.

3. The interest in respect of which the permission is granted is outlined in the permission.

4. The maximum period of validity of a permission is one year and a permission can be renewed if the requirements set to its granting are still met.

5. If the applicant who has fixed place to stay or residence in the Netherlands, is a citizen of one of the other Member States of the European Communities, Our Minister shall notify that Member State of the granting of a permission as referred to in the first paragraph, if the permission covers weapons or ammunition in respect of which possession is subject to a licence in that Member State.

[This excerpt is taken from an unsourced, undated, unofficial translation of the Act provided by the Netherlands Ministry of Justice, which does not take into account amendments enacted since 1997].

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