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Netherlands. 1997 ‘Exceptional Grounds for Refusal (Mandatory).’ Weapons and Ammunition Act (Wet Wapens en Munitie) 1997; Article 10.1. The Hague: Ministry of Justice. 10 July

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Exceptional Grounds for Refusal (Mandatory) - Art. 10.1

A recognition will be refused if:
a. the applicant, or if this person runs a business, the manager, fails to meet the requirement set by Our Minister to age, moral behaviour and professional skills;
b. the space in which the actions are to be performed does not meet the safety requirements set by Our Minister;
c. there is reason to fear that the manager cannot be entrusted with retaining possession of weapons and ammunition.

[This excerpt is taken from an unsourced, undated, unofficial translation of the Act provided by the Netherlands Ministry of Justice, which does not take into account amendments enacted since 1997].

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