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Macedonia. 2002 ‘Basic Provisions.’ The Law on the Production of, and Trade In, the Arms and Military Equipment (Articles 1, 2). Skopje: Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia. 15 July

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Article 1

This Law shall regulate: the production, trade and transport of arms and military equipment as activities of interest to the defense and security of the Republic of Macedonia, the planning of security measures, planning of production and transport, of quality control, as well as of other issues of importance for the production of, trade in and the transport of arms and military equipment.

Article 2

The term 'arms and military equipment' (hereinafter: AME), in the sense of this Law, shall mean:
- operational and complete combat system intended to meet the needs of the defense and security of the Republic of Macedonia and consisting of the basic units (aircraft, vessels, tanks, guns, howitzers, mortars, pistols, rifles etc.):
- materials to be used by the basic units from Paragraph 1 of this article as well as other means of combat and non-combat use (engineering and various electric and technical means, the means for radiological, biological, chemical and personal protection, logistics technical means, repair and maintenance means, materials for transport and storage of technical documentation and user manuals etc.);

The term AME, in the sense of this Law, shall also mean industrial explosives, hunting and sporting arms and ammunition if they are intended for trade with foreign countries

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