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Croatia. 1992 ‘Article 12.’ Weapons Law; Chapter I (Article 12). Zagreb: Republic of Croatia Parliament, House of Representatives. 14 September

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Article 12

As referred to in this Law, certain expressions shall mean the following:

1) Hunting weapons are repeating long firearms of different calibre, with rifled or smooth-bore barrels, or a combination of such barrels; long semiautomatic firearms whose magazine cannot be loaded, or is blocked so it is impossible to load, with more than three rounds; short firearms whose barrel is not less than 10 cm, and other arms allowed to be used for hunting by other regulations;

2) Sporting weapons are repeating and semiautomatic short firearms of different calibre, and semiautomatic and repeating long firearms, provided they are specially designed and adapted to be used in target shooting; long firearms with smooth-bore barrels intended for the sport discipline of trap and skeet shooting; stringed weapons and other weapons used in sport disciplines;

3) Weapons intended for self-defence are short firearms and gas weapons;

4) Registering arms means the registering of data on the arm and owner or holder thereof in the official records prescribed by this Law, as well as by regulations passed in accordance with this Law, and the issuance of the appropriate document (weapon licence, licence to hold weapons, certificate of registration, licence to carry weapons).

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