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Lithuania. 2002 ‘Duties of the Arms, Ammunition Owner, Holder, User.’ Republic of Lithuania Law on the Control of Arms and Ammunition No. IX-705; Chapter Seven (Article 30). Vilnius: The Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania. 15 January

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Article 30. Duties of the Arms, Ammunition Owner, Holder, User

1. The owner, holder, user of arms classified in categories A, B and C and their ammunition must:
1) carry short firearms in such a manner so as not to be seen by other persons. An officer of a state institution, wearing a uniform, or a person having an arm for the purpose of professional activities, may carry the arm in a holster and exposed;
2) have proper conditions for keeping arms and ammunition and observe the requirements set for keeping arms and ammunition;
3) provide access to the employees of state controlling institutions to the places where arms and ammunition are kept and upon their request produce arms, ammunition for inspection or a permit to keep arms and ammunition;
4) upon the request of law-enforcement officers produce arms, ammunition and a permit to keep and carry arms;
5) transport arms to a different place (a place of keeping of arms, a shooting range, etc.) unloaded, placed in a holster or in another appropriate container. Cartridges may not be placed in the barrels and the magazine must be taken out from the arm;
6) immediately notify the police institution about a theft or loss of the permit to keep an arm or a permit to carry arms, ammunition;
7) return the permit to keep and carry arms to the police institution that has issued the permit after having sold the last arm listed in the permit;
8) apply to the territorial police institution regarding the extension of the period of validity of a permit to carry or to keep an arm prior to the expiration of the period of validity of such permit;
9) without delay deliver to the territorial police institution the arm and ammunition after the expiration of period of validity of the permit to keep or carry arms.

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