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Lithuania. 2002 ‘Restrictions of the Right to Acquire and Possess Arms and Ammunition.’ Republic of Lithuania Law on the Control of Arms and Ammunition No. IX-705; Chapter Five (Article 17). Vilnius: The Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania. 15 January

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Article 17. Restrictions of the Right to Acquire and Possess Arms and Ammunition

1. Arms classified in Categories B and C, their ammunition may not be acquired and possessed by a natural person:
1) who is younger than it is established in this Law;
2) who does not have an impeccable reputation;
3) ill with certain diseases or having some physical disabilities hindering the right use of arms, or who is entered into the records of a health care institution because of his alcoholism or drug addiction, or who is under the supervision of a health care institution because of his mental disease or disorder;
4) who has not indicated his place of residence;
5) who has not submitted the documents necessary for acquisition, registration and re-registration of an arm;
6) who has failed to pass an examination;
7) who does not ensure proper conditions for keeping of the arm;
8) to whom a permit for keeping or carrying An arm has been revoked because of the loss of the arm, and less than three years have passed since the revocation;
9) who is living with the persons who meet the provisions of 1-9 of paragraph 2 of Article 18 of this Law. The subparagraph shall not apply if the person who wishes to acquire an arm or who already possesses it, obligates himself to keep or already keeps the arm in the place other than his place of residence.

2. The Ministry of Health Care shall set a list of diseases and physical disabilities because of which a person may not acquire or possess an arm.

3. Other legal acts shall establish requirements for health condition and passing of an examination by officers of entities having a special status, except officers of the Riflemen's Union and the Weaponry Fund.

4. The procedure of medical check-ups of natural persons who wish to obtain a permit to acquire arms, shall be established by the Ministry of Health Care, upon consultation with the Ministry of the Interior.

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