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Lithuania. 2002 ‘Arms Classified in Category B.’ Republic of Lithuania Law on the Control of Arms and Ammunition No. IX-705; Chapter Two (Article 4). Vilnius: The Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania. 15 January

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Article 4. Arms Classified in Category B

The following arms shall be attributed to Category B:
1) semi-automatic or repeating short firearms;
2) single-shot short firearms with centre-fire percussion;
3) single-shot short firearms with rim-fire percussion whose overall length is less than 28 cm;
4) semi-automatic long firearms whose magazine and chamber can together hold more than three rounds;
5) semi-automatic firearms whose magazine and chamber cannot together hold more than three rounds, where the magazine is removable or where it is not certain that the arm cannot be converted, with ordinary tools, into an arm whose magazine and chamber can together hold more than three rounds;
6) repeating or semi-automatic long firearms with smooth-bore barrels not exceeding 60 cm in length;
7) semi-automatic firearms not designated for military use which resemble military arms with automatic mechanisms;
8) arms with arm the full tension force of which is from 200 N to 1200 N.

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