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Latvia. 2003 ‘Issuance of Weapon Permits.’ Law on the Handling of Weapons; Chapter III (Section 8). Riga: The Saeima of the Republic of Latvia. 1 January

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Section 8. Issuance of Weapon Permits

(1) The State Police shall issue the following permits for the acquisition and possession or carrying of weapons (with a term of validity of from one to five years):
1) permits for the possession of Category D, B or C sports or hunting firearms and high-energy pneumatic weapons; and
2) permits for the possession or carrying of such Category B short-barrelled firearms the calibre of which is not more than 9 millimetres.

(2) The State Police shall issue permits to legal persons for the acquisition, possession and transportation of Category B, C and D firearms, and high-energy pneumatic weapons.

(3) The State Police shall issue permits for acquisition or possession of Category B and C firearms (except rifled hunting firearms) to merchants, which have received a second category special permit (licence) for the performance of guarding activities.

(4) Permits for possession of weapons shall be issued to legal persons for a time period of from one to five years.

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