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Greenland. 1992 ‘Act on Control and Registration of Firearms in Greenland, 1992.’ Danish Polar Centre. Amalienborg: Ministry of Justice. 19 December

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Firearms Law for Greenland

1 It is prohibited, without permission from the Chief Constable of Greenland, to import, manufacture, purchase, carry, own or use

1) pistols, revolvers and other small firearms
2) fully- and semiautomatic rifles, including semi-automatic smooth-bored double-barrelled shotguns
3) machine pistols
4) machine guns
5) barrels, breech blocks, bolts or bascules for firearms mentioned in no. 1-4
6) ammunition for those firearms mentioned in no. 1-4, including:
cartridge cases, priming screws, percussion caps, fuses and projectiles….

2 It is prohibited to transfer or lend to others the articles mentioned in sect. 1, unless the purchaser or recipient show the necessary documentation…

4 Licences in accordance with the regulations can only be granted persons of whom no information regarding personal relations and behaviour hitherto cause misgivings in granting the application…

6 The Chief Constable of Greenland stipulates on the licence, in relation to 1, such conditions concerning storage and access, which might be considered necessary in regard to safety….

10 It is prohibited, without permission from the Minister of Justice in each case, to export

1) firearms of any kind,

2) ammunition,

3) equipment for land-, sea- or air warfare

4) machinery, instruments, apparatus and other means of production,whose main use is the manufacture or maintenance of firearms, ammunition or war equipment, or parts and fittings for such means of production or

5) explosives including gunpowder as well as raw materials for the production of same.

Granted at Amalienborg, December 19th 1992
By Our Royal Hand and Seal
Margrethe R. / Hans Engell

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