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UK. 2018 ‘About Us.’ National Ballistics Intelligence Service (NABIS). London: National Ballistics Intelligence Service (NABIS). 1 January

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The National Ballistics Intelligence Service aims to provide a world leading intelligence capability that builds upon existing good practice to ensure that we are in the best possible position to allow UK law enforcement agencies to quickly solve crimes where firearms have been used. NABIS is committed to identifying the few individuals who actively import, store and supply illegal firearms and to track down the people involved in illegally converting or adapting firearms.

There are four regional NABIS Forensic Hubs which operate within four host forces/organisations: Greater Manchester Police (GMP), West Midlands Police (WMP), Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and the Glasgow unit of SPA Forensic Services. The four NABIS hubs are staffed by Forensic Scientists who have experience and expertise in the examination of firearms and ballistic item, and alongside the NABIS Intelligence Cell and Central Team, piece together the movement and life of a gun and how it affects the criminal use of firearms throughout the UK.

NABIS delivers a national database for all recovered firearms and ballistic material such as complete rounds of ammunition, shell cases and projectiles. The database links those ballistics items to tactical intelligence recorded by the Police forces and other UK Law enforcement agencies.

Four regional facilities have been created to test fire, analyse and link firearms and materials to other incidents across the UK. These facilities provide fast time information on the submitted items but do not provide evidential products.

Evidential standard information and materials continue to be delivered by Forensic service providers, this firewall of intelligence and evidence has been created to ensure turn around times within the facilities are kept to a minimum. This allows Senior Investigating Officers to access quick time intelligence essential within an investigation. The facilities use the latest equipment and are at the fore front of firearms forensic technology.

The NABIS Intelligence Cell is tasked with developing, understanding and disseminating the strategic and tactical intelligence associated with the information within the NABIS Database as well as other intelligence sources.

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