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Azrael, Deborah, Lisa Hepburn, David Hemenway, and Matthew Miller. 2017 ‘The Stock and Flow of U.S. Firearms: Results from the 2015 National Firearms Survey.’ Journal of the Social Sciences; 3 (5), pp. 38-57. Boston MA: Russell Sage Foundation. 5 October

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Number and Types of Guns in U.S. Gun Stock

Of the estimated 265 million guns in civilian hands in the United States, approximately four in ten (42 percent) are handguns, the remainder primarily (53 percent) long guns (4 percent are "other" guns). Among handguns, the majority are semiautomatic pistols (62 percent) and revolvers (29 percent); the remainder are described by respondents as "other" handguns. Approximately six in ten long guns (62 percent) are rifles and four in ten (38 percent) are shotguns (see figure 1).

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