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Australia. 2016 ‘Contemporary Diversion Methods - Illicit Manufacture.’ Illicit Firearms in Australia, p. 10. Canberra: Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission. 21 October

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Illicit Manufacture

Firearms such as single-shot pen guns, key ring guns and submachine guns are still believed to be illicitly manufactured in Australia. Only 1.7 per cent of the illicit firearms traced by the FTP in 2015–16 were of this type.

The ACIC and other law enforcement agencies have assessed the current threat of 3D printing of firearms as low.

Currently, the technology does not commercially enable the mass production of printed components that match the reliability and cost-effectiveness of factory-produced firearms. Since instructions to produce a 3D printed firearm were
published online, the ACIC has identified only three attempts to manufacture such firearms in Australia. Of those identified, none were functioning when detected by police.

During the same period, the ACIC traced almost 1,000 factory-manufactured handguns, demonstrating that these firearms are more readily available at this time.

[FTP = National Firearms Trace Program]

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