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Ukraine. 2016 ‘Export Control.’ National Report of Ukraine on its Implementation of the United Nations Programme of Action to Prevent, Combat and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects (UNPoA), pp. 8-9. New York NY: Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the United Nations. 1 April

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Effective export control system…

The number of national legal acts, adopted by the Parliament, the President and the Cabinet of Ministries, are currently regulating all forms of activity related to the export control, including SALW.

Among those are the Presidential Decrees:

- On the Statute on State export control in Ukraine (#117 of 13.02.1998);
- On military and technical cooperation with foreign states, export control and military-industril policy (#121 of 04.02.1999);
- On measures to improve military and technical cooperation of Ukraine with foreign States (#422 of 21.04.1999);
- ON the procedure for establishing (withdrawing) restriction on the export of goods in accordance with Ukraine's international obligations (#861 of 15.07.1999);
- On State Export Control Service of Ukraine (#1265 of 27.12.2002);
- On separation of powers of central state authorities in the sphere of military and technical cooperation with foreign states (#276 of 20.03.2002);
- On the issued of State Export Control Service of Ukraine (#342 of 17.04.2002);
- On additional measure to improve control in the sphere of international military and technical cooperation (#1207 of 24.12.2002).

And the Decisions by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine…

On February 2003 the 'Law of Ukraine on State Control of International Transfers of Goods Designated for Military Purposes and Dual-Use Goods' entered into force. This Law is aimed to govern activities related to state control over international transfers of goods designated for Military Purposes, including small arms and light weapons as well as their parts, materials and equipment specially designed for development and production of SALW…

This Law covers activities related to international transfers of goods, including intermediary (brokerage) services, production…

Granting export permits

The decision to grant or refuse a permit to export goods is taken by the State Export Control Service following its consideration and base on conclusions of an interdepartmental examination…

Effective implementation of export controls

The procedure of obtaining guarantees relating to the end-user of the goods and the place where the goods are to be used provides that the exporter must obtain from the importer:
- reliable information on the end-user, intended use and place of use of the goods specified in the agreement (contract);
- an undertaking to import the goods only into the country specified;
- an undertaking not to re-export the goods to third countries…

The requisite undertakings and guarantees by the importer to the exporter may be submitted in the form of an import certificate, an end-user certificate and/or other documents that contain them…

[SALW = Small Arms and Light Weapons]

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