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South Sudan. 2016 ‘Public Warehouse.’ Firearms Bill 2016; Chapter III (Sections 17-20), pp. 11-12. Juba: Republic of South Sudan. 1 January

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Section 17. Public warehouse to be established

Public warehouses for the deposit of arms shall be established at the national, state and county capitals and any other places as may be prescribed by the Minister and shall be maintained under the exclusive custody and permanent supervision of the government.

Section 18. Management of Public warehouses

(1) Public warehouses shall be owned and managed by the ministries of Defense and Interior.

(2) Public warehouses under the Ministry of Defense, National Security, Correctional Services, Civil Defense and Wildlife Services, Shall not be used for licensed private arms except public warehouses under the Police.

(3) After depositing in a public warehouse and before withdrawal from it, every complete firearm and where the firearm is not complete every part of a firearm and every packaged ammunition, shall be registered in the prescribed manner according to any existing marks and numbers, and if it bears no marks sufficient for identification, shall be stamped or marked in the prescribed manner

(4) All firearms imported solely for the purpose of sale in South Sudan shall be registered as such when first deposited in a public warehouse and on every transfer to any other public warehouse or to any private warehouse.

Section 19. Withdrawal from public warehouse and description of firearms

(1) No arms deposited in a public warehouse shall be withdrawn except in accordance with a permit issued by public warehouse authorized official.

Section 20. Permit to indicate reason for withdrawal

No permit shall be issued for the withdrawal until an authorized official is satisfied that they are intended:
a. For dispatch to another warehouse
b. For persons licensed and can show that they require them for their legitimate personal uses, or
c. For export or disposal

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