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Coote, John. 1995 ‘Response to Licensing Query.’ Letter to Philip Alpers. New Zealand Police Firearms Licensing Coordinator. 4 December

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Q: Please provide any written guidelines or precedent which advise thresholds for "revocation offences." If no such instructions exist, which are the convictions which should cause police to revoke the offender's firearms licence?

A: "The written guidelines are in the Arms Manual under fit and proper persons as follows:

Fit and Proper Persons

1. A fit and proper person is a person of good character who can be trusted to use firearms responsibly. The decision as to whether an applicant or existing licence holder is fit and proper initially rests with the member [of police] who interviews the applicant, or in the case of a licence holder it rests with a Commissioned Officer of Police, and will depend on the circumstances.

2. An applicant or licence holder could be considered not a fit and proper person in that he/she has:

- been the subject of a non-molestation of non-violence order; or
- shown no regard for the Arms Act or Arms Regulations; or
- been involved in substance abuse; or
- committed a serious offence against the Arms Act; or
- committed any serious offence against any other Act; or
- committed a series of minor offences against the Arms Act; or
- committed crimes involving violence or drugs; or
- affiliations with a gang involved in committing violent offences or in conflict with another gang; or
- been or is involved in matrimonial discord involving violence or threats of violence; or
- exhibited signs of psychological disturbance; or
- attempted to commit suicide or other self injurious behaviour; or
- for some other reason is considered not fit and proper.

3. It also includes any person who has possession of firearms or airguns to which a person who is not considered fit and proper may obtain access.

4. It is not possible to prepare a comprehensive list. However where a licence is refused there must be reasonable grounds for the refusal.

5. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE has been made a special criterion in considering the issue or revocation of a licence." [emphasis in the original: u/lc underline]

ID: Q1211

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