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Rath, Abigail and Gareth Griffith. 1999 ‘Executive Summary.’ Firearms Regulation: An Update; Background Paper 5/99, p. II. Sydney: NSW Parliamentary Library. 1 October

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Comparative Overview - Firearms Legislation in other States and Territories

All States and Territories have made significant changes to their firearms laws to bring them into line with the Nationwide Agreement on Firearms, although no jurisdiction fully complies with the Agreement.

In contrast to a number of other States and Territories, New South Wales complies with the APMC resolutions with respect to the 28 day waiting period for licences and permits, and the physical need and ACTA affiliated club requirements for access to Category C firearms for clay target shooting.

The question as to whether the reforms which have taken place in recent years do, in fact, constitute a uniform national scheme is open to conflicting interpretations. There are differences between the various jurisdictions, some of which are points of detail. However others are more substantial in nature, such as the varying requirements in place for firearms safety training courses. (pages 19-34)

[APMC = Australian Police Ministers Conference; ACTA = Australian Clay Target Association]

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