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South Australia. 1977 ‘Regulations.’ Firearms Act 1977 (Version: 7.2.2014); Section 39 (Part 5). Adelaide: Parliament of South Australia. 12 May

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39. Regulations

(1) The Governor may make such regulations as are contemplated by this Act, or as are necessary or expedient for the purposes of this Act.

(2) Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, those regulations may —
(a) prescribe the duties of the Registrar;
(ab) amend or replace the definition of class A, B, C, D or H firearms in section 5;
(ac) prescribe or empower the Registrar to determine qualifications or experience in relation to the safe handling of firearms that an applicant for a licence must have in order to obtain a licence under this Act;
(ad) provide or empower the Registrar to determine requirements for the safe custody of firearms generally, or any specified class of firearms, or ammunition generally, or any specified class of ammunition;
(ada) provide or empower the Registrar to determine requirements for the safe custody of the receivers of firearms;
(ae) empower the Registrar to endorse a firearms licence with a purpose or purposes not included in regulations;
(af) require the keeping of records and the furnishing of information and documents to the Registrar by —
(i) recognised firearms clubs;
(ia) recognised paint-ball operators;
(ib) recognised commercial range operators;
(ii) licensed dealers;
(iii) employers whose employees are required to carry firearms in the course of their employment;
(iv) owners of firearms;
(ag) require information furnished to the Registrar to be verified by statutory declaration;
(b) regulate the keeping and form of registers;
(c) prescribe forms or empower the Registrar to approve forms to be used in connection with this Act;
(d) prescribe, and provide for the payment, recovery, waiver or reduction of, fees for the purposes of any application or other proceeding under this Act;
(e) exempt absolutely or subject to conditions —
(i) persons of a specified class; or
(ii) firearms of a specified class, from specified provisions of this Act;
(g) prescribe penalties not exceeding a fine of $2 500 for breach of, or noncompliance with, any regulation.

(3) A regulation made under this section or any other provision of this Act may confer discretionary powers.

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