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Lakomaa, Erik. 2014 ‘Safe storage and thefts of firearms in Sweden - Licensing and Storage Policy.’ European Journal of Criminology; Vol. 12 (I), pp. 5-6. Sheffield: Sage Publications. 24 July

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Licensing and storage policy in Sweden

Legally held firearms, as well as the storage of legally held firearms, are regulated in Sweden by the Weapons Act (Vapenlagen 1996:67) and the Weapons Ordinance (Vapenförordningen 1996:70), together with National Police Board directives.

An individual licence is needed for every firearm, and the applicant must show that he or she has a 'need' for a specific firearm in order to be approved. As a general rule, only hunting, sport shooting or gun collecting are approved needs. In theory, licences may be granted for protection, but in practice no such licences are ever granted. In order to be eligible for a licence for a rifle or shotgun for hunting, or a handgun for sport shooting, the applicant must also pass tests including shooting skills…

According to the post-2002 regulations, a gun safe must weigh 150 kg (330 lbs) or be bolted to the floor or wall. In addition, the key to the safe (if it does not have a combination lock) must be kept so that unauthorized individuals cannot get hold of it. The failure to comply with storage regulations (including the improper safekeeping of keys) may lead to the revocation of the gun owner's licences. Licences may be revoked even if no guns are lost or stolen.

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