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New South Wales. 1996 ‘Requirements Relating to Registered Firearms.’ Firearms Act 1996 No 46 (Act Current to 24 November 2015); Part 3 (Section 37). Sydney: New South Wales Government. 28 June

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37. Requirements Relating to Registered Firearms

(1) The person in whose name a firearm is registered:
(a) must produce the firearm for inspection by a police officer at any reasonable time when requested to do so by the officer, and
(b) must, if the firearm is supplied or lost by, or stolen from, that person, immediately notify a police officer of the supply, loss or theft of the firearm and provide the Commissioner, within 7 days after the firearm is supplied, lost or stolen, with particulars of the supply, loss or theft in accordance with the regulations.

(2) Any person (other than a licensed firearms dealer) who acquires a firearm from another person must provide the Commissioner, within 7 days after the firearm is acquired, with such particulars as may be prescribed by the regulations.

Maximum penalty: 50 penalty units.

ID: Q11994

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