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Amnesty International. 2003 ‘Arms Out of Control: Italian courts release arms dealer: The evidence.’ Terror Trade Times; ACT 31/002/2003 (4), p. 2. London: Amnesty International. 1 June

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The documents discovered in Leonid Minin's possession [when arrested in Italy] included contracts, faxes discussing arms deals, weapons catalogues and forged enduser certificates.

He was found with large amounts of cash, including Mauritian rupees and Hungarian forint, and polished diamonds worth nearly $US500,000.

Leonid Minin, an Israeli citizen, was holding passports from the former Soviet Union, Russia, Germany and Bolivia.

In December 2000, a UN Panel of Experts reported that in March 1999 Leonid Minin had been responsible for delivering 68 tonnes of weapons from Ukraine via Burkino Faso to Liberia destined for the RUF in Sierra Leone.

The UN also established that a BAC- 111 plane owned by Leonid Minin had delivered arms from Niger to the RUF via Liberia in December 1998, just before widespread human rights abuses by rebel forces in Freetown in January 1999.

In October 2001 the UN again reported Leonid Minin's involvement in an arms delivery of 113 tonnes to Liberia via Côte d'Ivoire. The RUF and Liberia have been under a UN arms embargo since 1997

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