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Anguilla. 2015 ‘Seizure of Firearm or Other Dangerous Weapons.’ Domestic Violence Act 2014; Part 2 (Section 7), pp. 13-14. The Valley: House of Assembly of Anguilla. 19 January

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7. Seizure of Firearm and Dangerous Weapons

(1) The Court may make an order directing a police officer to seize any firearm or dangerous weapon in the possession of the respondent, if the affidavit made pursuant to section 3(1) [Protection Order] contains information to the effect that

(a) the respondent has threatened or expressed the intention to kill or injure any person in a domestic relationship, including the respondent whether or not by means of the firearm or dangerous weapon; or

(b) possession of the firearm or dangerous weapon is not in the best interests of the respondent or any other person as a result of the respondent's
(i) state of mind or mental condition,
(ii) inclination to violence, whether a firearm or a dangerous weapon was used in the violence or not, or
(iii) the use of or dependence on intoxicating liquor or drugs.

(2) The Court shall, where the Court has ordered the seizure of any firearm pursuant to this Act, direct the Registrar to refer a copy of the affidavit made pursuant to section 3 (1) to the Commissioner of Police for consideration in relation to the Firearms Act.

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